The best answer to this question would probably come from a priest or shaman from an ancient civilisation where sound was used as a gateway to altered states of mind. But would we be able to understand their explanation if it does not come in the form of a scientific theorem? Sound Healing

So the best answer for us today lies somewhere in between our current understanding of human biology and the elusive field of “energy healing”. use of sound for healing purposes a powerful tool.

We know that our bodies are made to be extremely sensitive to sound. Our brain needs stimulation in order to develop correctly and the main source of sensorial stimulation while we are growing in utero is sound/rhythm. Throughout its development, a human fetus is exposed to a number of internal bodily sounds such as the mother’s heartbeat, respiration, blood circulation and also external sounds reaching the uterus from the outside world and reaching our ears through the water we are immersed in.
I did not make a distinction between sound and rhythm here because they are basically the same phenomenon perceived in two different ways. Just like a series of frames on a film when projected at the right speed is perceived as seamless, fluid movement, a rhythm above the frequency of around 16 Hz (cycles per second) is perceived as sound. This phenomenon is known as auditory flutter fusion or flicker fusion, the “flickering threshold” that separates our perception of rhythm and sound. Above this threshold, we still receive a rhythmical stimulus, but its speed (frequency) is interpreted by the brain as a whole and perceived as a tone.
Sound travels through water around four times faster than through air and our bodies are made of a high percentage of water. Sound has the potential to change the molecular structure of water so it can have a tremendous effect on the water in our bodies. Considering that water is a lifeform capable of storing memory, the implications are very vast.
Sound travels very well also through our bones. In fact, we use our bones to amplify the sound of our voice generated by the vocal cords, which otherwise would be very faint.

Our overall makeup is very sensitive to sound, making the use of sound for healing purposes a powerful tool.

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