A Healing Musician is one that has intimately embodied the essence of music and is offering it with an attitude of service. Through a process of inner transformation, the Healing Musician has become transparent. His/Her offering of music is far from a public display of the self. The personality, attitude, ability and talents are only engaged to the extent that is necessary to enrich the musical offering with whatever is needed at any particular time in order to create the desired effect, which is always aimed at accompanying the listeners’ soul journey.

Technical mastery of one’s own instrument is valuable only if the essence of the person has been transformed. The Healing Musician is an embodiment of musicality. He/She has internalised the laws of music, the ability to listen deeply and respond accordingly and inner receptivity to intuitive guidance. The Healing Musicians make music with or without instruments and singing; they are music and navigate life in a musical way.

While they play their instruments, they are aware of the fact that they themselves are instruments. The real instrument player is their higher self, their will to serve others on the plane of the soul through the substance of the soul: music.

The art of music requires a particular ability to listen, it refines the listening abilities of the musician/listener in a process that is a sort of antechamber of a deeper level of listening, the inner hearing or third ear, where we can listen to the inner sounds of our being and subtle vibration of energy.

Working consciously with sound is a form of Alchemy. Every musical expression can be seen as an act of analogy with the “Music of the Spheres” and with the energy of Creation. Analogical thinking is a key aspect as it can be understood as the ability to recognise fundamental patterns. The ancient motto “as above so below”, the core of the alchemical thought attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, suggests that fundamental patterns are repeating continuously on different scales, as fractals do… as musical octaves do.

An important element in this journey of inner transformation is the cultivation of qualities such as humility, gentleness, concentration, patience, quietude. Silence is to be cherished as gold because it is the ultimate nourishment of sound, therefore of music. In silence, all sounds live in their unmanifested state and every sound that comes from quiet, inner stillness is a perfect vessel for the intention of fostering inner fine-tuning of the listener.

It is often true that our most significant successes are those which remain invisible and hidden.

Particular devotion to beauty is also very important. True beauty is nourishing for the soul. The acceptance of all that is not beautiful is valuable, but even more valuable is the ability to see beauty in everything. However, the manifestation of pure beauty, like the colours of the sunset or the eyes of children, is as nourishing for the soul as pure spring water is for the body.

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