Sound Healing Certification Programme

This Sound Healing Certification Programme is divided into two levels:

Level 1 – Foundations


Level 2 – Advanced

Do you feel attracted to the hidden power of sound?

Maybe you are a yoga teacher and you perceive this energy when you chant your mantras.

Or you are a bodyworker or energy healer and you would like to learn new tools to upgrade your profession.

Maybe you are a musician and you feel an indescribable call to embark on a new journey with your music. A desire to devote your music to a higher purpose.

You may also come from other walks of life and you are tuning in to the amazing consciousness shift we are experiencing today.

Something has led you to this website and that is for a reason!

In this Level 1 – 30 hours Certification Programme, you will learn the fundamental principles of Sound Healing that will allow you to start practicing. You can implement these fundamental techniques in your current practice/teaching (bodywork, energy healing, alternative medicine, yoga and meditation, group work, etc.) or you can start building your own Sound Healing practice.

The focus of the Level 1 is on the effects of sound on the human body, mind and energy system. A thorough, in-depth section covering the theoretical principles will provide all the information you need to understand and explain why and how sound is a powerful healing modality. 

We look at its effects on the nervous system and the energetic structures at a cellular level as well as the mechanics of sound and how it conveys structured information.

The practical part of the training is dedicated to learning how to use sound in the context of individual sessions. These principles can also be applied to group sessions. Specifically, you will learn how to use tuning forks (one of the most accurate tools currently available) and singing bowls. These are basic techniques, very easy to implement and integrate into other practices.

Part of the training will be dedicated to a basic understanding of how to use your own voice for your personal development. In fact, I believe that in order to be an effective Sound Healer, one needs to have a deep, intimate connection to the element of Sound itself. The voice is the ultimate tool to achieve this.

The practical learning will be based on the most common Sound Healing instruments and their use and on your own voice.

  • Theory of Sound Healing (Entrainment and Resonance; Sound Propagation and molecular structures; Sound and the Nervous System; Music and the Brain; Cosmic octaves and overtones; Philosophy of Sound)
  • Common instruments and how to use them
  • Basic physiology of the voice
  • Fundamental vocal practices for Self Sound Massage
  • Practice with instruments
  • Assignments for certification

The focus of the Level 2 is on deepening the practice of the material covered in Level 1 as well as broadening the understanding and the awareness of the effects of sound on the environment as a whole. This is an initiatory process into the interconnected-ness of the healing journey and the global impact that you can have as a Sound Healer mastering the art of Sound Alchemy.

Prior to the 3-day Level 2 intensive, there is a preparation period of three weeks, consisting in specific daily rituals and meditations aiming at establishing a deep connection with the healing quality of sound at a spiritual level.

In the intensive weekend, we look at more specific techniques and protocols and important areas of awareness for sound healing sessions with clients. 


More details coming soon.

Currently, the Level 1 intensives are running in New Zealand and Europe.

Are you interested in the Certification Programme? Get in touch!

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