Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find…

– The Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi Library)

Keeping in mind all the problems, misunderstandings, misuse and alterations surrounding ancient texts such as the one I have just quoted, I still find this sentence very inspiring in its simplicity.

It also summarises the thinking behind the words I am about to share.

In the emerging field of Sound Healing there is a special fascination for the numerical values of frequencies of vibration, normally indicated by the letters “Hz” (Hertz). This name indicates how many times the cycle of a given vibration occurs in the time frame of one second. For instance, 110 Hz means that the vibration completes 110 cycles in one second.

Sound is a mysterious element; its effects powerful and far-reaching. The capacity of sound to affect the human body both positively and negatively is well known. If very high frequency of sound (ultrasounds) can be used in medical science to cure certain issues, very low frequencies produced by machinery (and certain sonic weapons) can cause dizziness and nausea.

The kind of fascination that marries sounds and numbers is very old. In the western world, it dates back at least to the time of Pythagoras, the semi-mythical greek philosopher.

Pythagoras reportedly had a deep fascination for numbers, which were at the foundation of the teaching of his secret school. He is credited with initiating the western world to the ancient wisdom of musical sciences, thus sowing the seeds of what was to become the theory of harmony we know today.

The highly rational use of numbers to express musical meaning (and vice versa) has an almost irresistible charm on those who, like me, are so drawn to understanding the mysteries of music.

As Sound Healing becomes more and more popular, we witness the rise of a sort of neo-Pythagoreanism that brings about what I like to call the “quest for the magical frequency”. Every now and then, someone claims to have found/received/channeled a specific frequency that activates/heals/transforms this or that. Normally the discovery comes with the humanitarian urge to create a new product so the healing can be spread far and wide.

Now, the sarcastic tone of this article is consciously chosen to lighten up things that are often presented with hierophantic seriousness.

What do we actually do when we come up with these new ideas? We are using the power of our imagination, a tool that the mind normally uses for creating images that we can use to understand, process and (yes!) manifest things. I believe that as we struggle to handle proper, effective communication, develop emotional intelligence and the ability to truly understand each other, most of us have not even started exploring more subtle areas of our being.

A competent distinction between Imagination and Intuition is a rare, refined ability.

Imagination is a tool of the mind. When left without specific tasks, it may well keep imagining. It’s what it does.

When pieces of information lie around unused, such as things we have read, things we have heard, dreamt of or fancied, Imagination may start assembling them as any artist would instinctively do… experimenting.

The result of these experiments can easily mingle with the stream of our intuition and become indistinguishable. There comes the revelation! Suddenly we are invested with the precious knowledge of the previously unknown miraculous effects of a specific frequency! Then, of course, come the understanding, almost a disclaimer, that this is in fact very ancient knowledge, only rediscovered.

On the other hand, there is no reason why the information that comes through this specific way, shouldn’t give birth to something powerful and effective. After all, Imagination is what we use to manifest. So we may be well creating new space for healing by imagining healing frequencies into being. Maybe that very popular set of specific frequencies can truly be healing once enough people have used them for enough time to create a field around them.

As the sentence quoted at the beginning of this text continues:

When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel and will rule over all.

– The Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi Library)

We can only observe with an open mind and follow our Imagin… Intuition!

Copyright 2017/24 - Simone Vitale