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The power of your own healing voice

About the Healing Voice online programme

Your voice is the most intimate and direct expression of your true self and the balance and health of a personality are reflected in the sound of its voice.

This “vocal instrument”, like any other musical instrument, needs proper care, tuning and mastery.

When the entire body is actively involved in the production of sound, the level of presence, self-confidence and clarity is highly increased.

Your voice is directly connected with who you are, shaped by who you are but also capable of shaping who you are.

In this online programme, you will learn techniques and exercises to achieve benefits such as:


  • Stress reduction
  • Deep relaxation
  • Increased mental stillness and clarity
  • Ability to massage your own body with sound
  • Extension of the vocal range
  • Increased stability of the voice with consequent improvement of expression and self-confidence
  • Expanded awareness of one’s own posture and alignment

The content of this online programme is also part of the Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Training.

Hi, my name is Simone Vitale and I welcome you to this website dedicated to the beneficial effects of Sound and Music.

I am a Sound Healing Teacher and Practitioner as well as a Composer and Musician.

My Sound Healing Sessions and Training provide comprehensive access to the enormous transformational possibilities that Sound offers to us.

I have been a musician for most of my life. I have been involved in Music Production and Sound Design since 1990 and in Sound Healing since 2005. In my work, I offer to you all the experience, knowledge and wisdom that I have grown over these many years

My approach to vocal training is a unique blend of Eastern and Western wisdom and traditions.

Are you working with your voice, for example as a singer, actor, teacher and you are interested in enriching your knowledge with some deep and focused bodywork?

Are you a yoga/meditation teacher or practitioner and interested in deepening your connection to sound?

Are you simply someone who would like to explore the power of your own voice as a healing tool for yourself and others?

Then this programme is for you!

Main Aspects

The Healing Voice Online Masterclass will guide you through a deep exploration of your own voice from two points of view:

One is the understanding of the physiology of the voice and all the parts of the body involved in producing and sustaining your sound. The other is the experience of how different sounds can affect different areas of the body and how they relate to the your central channel of energy.

Sound can find its way through blockages created by stuck energies/emotions and restore the body’s natural field of resonance.

Breathing the sounds into the spine will bring light to your potentials as self-healer, awakening the ability to resonate your entire body in a “self-sound massage” with remarkable stimulating effects.

This work is suitable for all those who want to explore their voice in a deep, conscious way; for those who use their voice in their work (singers, actors, speakers, presenters, teachers); for practitioners of any form of yoga; for those who want to experience the energy of Creation within the sound of their voice; for healers, therapists and musicians.

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“I am deeply grateful for this course. I really loved to take time each day to learn and in going through the practises I came to feel closer and more intimate with the healing powers that are to find not only in the frequencies of sound bowls, chimes or drums but within the very sound of my own voice.
A few years ago, I have been fortunate to experience one of Simone Vitales Vocal Yoga Classes here in Berlin and feel that this course is a deepened refresher of the invaluable knowledge that has been shared back then and has influenced my relationship with my voice ever since. 
I would recommend this course for anyone who would like to learn how to use their own voice as a sound healing tool to mindfully induce and experience shifts in their state of energy. 
Simone introduces relevant concepts of voice healing work and guides carefully through all the practises. There is an abundance of background knowledge provided, from voice anatomy to sound-body-mind-energetics, sacred mantra tradition to overtone-frequencies and basic sound healing theory. Step by step practises help to get to know, activate and open up the specific muscles and tissues involved in working with the voice.
Simone’s teaching style that puts an emphasis on the awareness of subtle sensations throughout, encourages a very individual learning process. The knowledge of the chakras system and bija mantras are a further approach and a bonus in the course, which you can explore even with the help of downloadable practise tracks. 
I am looking forward to continuing with the provided tools daily to journey deeper with my voicework. Thank you.”
Lydia Romanowski

Going through Simone’s Healing Voice Online Masterclass, it becomes obvious that this course is designed by someone with an impressive and broad understanding of the fascinating workings of sound. Simone Vitale’s knowledge expands from the anatomical and technical to the psychosomatic, spiritual and almost mystical dimensions of sounds. Besides being someone with tremendous knowledge on the classical technical aspects of sound, Simone’s presence, awareness and skill testify that he has become a genuine embodiment of (nada) yoga after years of dedicated practice in the inner and outer workings of sound.
The course is well structured and well presented, clearly laying out the necessary anatomical understanding both theoretically and practically while progressing from basic to advanced exercises. Each exercise’s relevance is well explained and its execution is finely articulated.
While going through the practices, one can feel gaining refined awareness in the physiological workings of the body in the making of sound as well as the subtle effects of specific sounds on one’s state of mind, an utmost rewarding journey.
Simone, much gratitude for sharing your fascinating exploration and understanding of the science of sound with its capacity for healing individually and collectively. And for being a first-class embodiment of what you teach. Learning and practicing with you was an enriching and uplifting experience.
Guillaume Schollier

I signed up for the Healing Voice course with Simone as I work with people through using sound and use my voice as part of integrative sound sessions. 
Recently I discovered Nada Yoga and have become very interested in voice work and also my own inner sounds and voice.  I am really interested and intrigued about how sound especially our inner sounds and vibrations through the use of our voice can impact us on all levels. 
The most valuables things that I learnt were exercises on how to help someone find their own sounds to balance out their body and overtoning.  I never realised I could overtone and it’s easier than I first believed!! I use what I learnt for my own personal sound practice, warming up my voice and then sharing exercises with others. 
I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in exploring the healing potential of the voice.  Thank you, Simone.
Suzanne Herrity

I just completed the Healing Voice Online Masterclass and found it very useful for identifying the effects of vocal sound on different areas of the anatomy.
The chakra and diaphragm work is also very useful, and overall, I have experienced a more relaxed and alert state of mind. Looking forward to continuing with these exercises, and thank you once again.
Ashira Batel Israel

Great course! Good teacher. A lot of valuable information and very well explained. I am a singer and a yoga teacher/ and was looking for a course that can help me bring these two areas a bit more together in my practice and teaching. This course definitely does that.
Marina Trisic

Healing Voice Online Masterclass rating

Your body is the ultimate musical instrument, Life is the music!

Simone Vitale

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