The Healing Musician

The Healing Musician Online Programme will take you on a spiritual journey.

You will dive into the deeper meaning of music and how being a musician today can be of service at this special time.

This is a 21-day process of attunement to the Temple of Sacred Sound. It is a commitment to dive deep into the essence of sound and music to receive guidance and inspiration.

  • Initiation into the Temple of Sacred Sound
  • Meditation Practices and Rituals
  • The Power of Intention and its importance in music making
  • Sound Ecology and Musical Activism
  • Music and Guided Journeys

Embark on a quest for the essence of music and your purpose as a healing musician!

The focus of this Programme is to shift from a human-centred musical activity to a nature-centred one.

What can music do not only for us but for the whole environment?

A Healing Musician is one that has intimately embodied the essence of music and is offering it with an attitude of service. Through a process of inner transformation, the Healing Musician has become transparent. His/Her offering of music is far from a public display of the self. The personality, attitude, ability and talents are only engaged to the extent that is necessary to enrich the musical offering with whatever is needed at any particular time in order to create the desired effect, which is always aimed at accompanying the listeners’ soul journey.

Working consciously with sound is a form of Alchemy. Every musical expression can be seen as an act of analogy with the “Music of the Spheres” and with the energy of Creation.

Hi, my name is Simone Vitale.

I am a Sound Healing Practitioner and Teacher with a background as a Musician and Composer. With 30 years of experience in the field of sound and music, I have devoted my work to the healing qualities of sound and music for the last 15 years.

I am certified Sound Healer with a specialization in Tuning Forks Therapy and a certified Vocal Yoga Teacher.

My unique approach to Sound Healing aims at integrating the principles of vibrational therapies and sound-based healing modalities with a broader understanding of Sound Ecology, fostering the emergence of 21st Century Sound and Music Healers who are capable of navigating the currents that link the human being to the whole environment and planetary consciousness.

The Healing Musician

An inspirational text created to inspire the qualities necessary to become a channel for Nature’s healing energy.

Music can be a gateway to states of connection that transcend time and space, a direct communication in the language of the soul.


Temple of Sacred Sound Initiation

A 21-day, step by step process of initiation into higher realms of Sound.

The human mind is the fertile soil from which our evolution is growing. But the rays of light that make the blossoming of new life possible is something we need to consciously open ourselves to.

If then we can channel this energy in our bodies, deep into the cellular consciousness, we can transmute it into experience, encoding light in the living bridge of our bodies.

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Imagine how a mindful, conscious and competent use of sound will enhance your impact and ability to support a thriving new consciousness.


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