About Me


A Journey With Sound (in a nutshell…)

I drew my first breath in Rome, Italy.

I landed with a love for nature and animals, a dreamy character and a passion for drawing. During my early adolescence, I was introduced to the world of music at school. I started composing and performing original music around the age of 12 with two schoolmates.

By the age of 15, I was a fervent hard rock keyboard player. By the age of 20, I had gained significant experience on stage and participated in musical projects that encompassed a variety of musical styles such as progressive hard rock, funk rock, pop, reggae.

In my early twenties, I started working at the Diapason recording Studio in Rome, a free-lance collaboration that lasted 15 years. During this time, I have gained extensive experience in the fields of studio recording and music production.

My musical curiosity kept leading me to explore new genres. I collaborated with projects of electronic, world and experimental music. I also composed original music for TV and Radio Programmes and short movies.

In 2002, things started changing.

Until then, my focus had been pretty much on the entertaining quality of music. In 2002 I entered a deeply personal process that led me to a complete shift of consciousness over the following five years. During this time, I became interested in the more spiritual aspects of life.

One of the first things that happened is that I started drawing again, a childhood passion that had been taken over by music for many years. Drawings became paintings as I projected intense inner visions onto the canvas to have them reflected back to me in an alchemical process, a refinement of energies.

I started having intense dreams, visions during my meditations and very unusual experiences. I awakened to a whole new understanding of sound and music through the connection with the Temple of Sacred Sound, a place of wisdom and initiation into the healing power of sound.

I took a course in Ayurvedic massage in Rome and shortly after I was introduced to the Metal Singing Bowls, which I started using immediately in combination with massage.

I became very interested in the possibility of using the voice as a healing tool. It made total sense to me that besides all the sound healing instruments available to us, the voice deserves an in-depth exploration. After all, it is our first instrument and we carry it with us at all times!

Around that time, in Rome, I met Mauro Tiberi, who provided me with priceless inspiration on overtone singing and unconventional uses of the voice.

Shortly after, in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, I trained as a teacher of the Vocal Yoga VY technique with Clare Fanning.

Additionally, I completed the Healing Sounds course by Jonathan Goldman. Later on, I earned a Sound Healing Diploma from the Sound Healing Academy in the U.K. and a certificate as a HeartMath practitioner.

Another pivotal stage of my path was meeting Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as Amma. Through her, I was able to have a direct experience of the grace that can flow through singing devotional songs.

In 2012, I left Italy and started sharing my work internationally. I lead workshops and seminars focused on sound healing and the power of the voice. I offer individual sound healing sessions with tuning forks and singing bowls and I lead kirtan singing events.

Since then, I have shared my work in India, Germany, Finland, Estonia and New Zealand.

Additional training includes Touch For Health Levels 1 and 2; Craniosacral Therapy Levels 1 and 2 (Upledger) and Somato Emotional Release Level 1.

I offer a comprehensive Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Training as well as individual sessions, workshops, classes and live events.

My work with sound and music is dedicated to facilitating healing and consciousness shifts for people and honouring the law of reciprocity by giving back to the Earth in this time of turmoil and confusion.

Feel free to get in touch!