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Do you believe that sound is the medicine of the future?

What if I told you the future is NOW?

High Quality & Professional Sound Work

Hi, my name is Simone Vitale and I welcome you to this website dedicated to the beneficial effects of Sound.

I am a Sound Therapy Teacher and Practitioner as well as a Composer and Musician.

My Sound Therapy Sessions and Training provide comprehensive access to the enormous transformational possibilities that Sound offers to us.

I offer to you all the experience, knowledge and wisdom that I have grown over many years while being involved in music since 1990 and in Sound Healing since 2005.

My Offerings

Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Certification

A comprehensive, one-year training in the art of Sound Therapy.

Healing Voice Online Masterclass

The power of your own healing voice


Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

Health for the Mind and the Body through Sound


Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

Sound Therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and the mind and restore inner balance and health.

It works with the nervous system, the tissues and the more subtle energies of the body. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and it can offer long-term benefits.

The nervous system is our interface with the outside world, an incredibly sophisticated and wonderful instrument that deserves good tuning as often as possible!

The Benefits of Sound Therapy

Deep Relaxation

A well-deserved soothing experience for your nervous system.

Pain Managment

Helps with stiffness, contractions and nerve pain.

Improved Sleep Quality

Supports parasympathetic balance for restful sleep.

Stress Relief

Release tension from the body and the mind.


A tonifying boost for your body.

Coherence & Clarity

Clears the energy field of incoherent patterns.

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What People Are Saying

“I feel more whole, as if my wings were clean and strong: I experience more joy and beauty and feel more connected. 

Simone is very sensitive, gentle, kind, empathic. I recommend Simone’s work with all my heart!”

“I was experiencing a high level of tension and quite some pain in my left leg. The sound therapy was incredibly effective! The pain in my leg was almost entirely gone after two sessions and completely gone after the last one.

Simone was very professional, caring, gentle and intuitive.”

“Simone is a phenomenal teacher and leads an exceptionally mind-boggling course on sound theory and the practise of sound healing. I have integrated such valuable practises into my life with the voice work and overtones we covered and I have full confidence in working with others in my circle to build my practise with sound healing.

Simone’s kind and patient approach made the whole learning experience deeply rich and unforgettable.”

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“Your body is the ultimate Musical Instrument, Life is the Music!”

– Simone Vitale