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With this SOUND HEALING ONLINE APPRENTICESHIP, you will learn all you need to know to implement sound as a healing practice in your daily life.

Sound Healing is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Sound baths, individual sessions and live events are more and more in demand. Be part of this growing movement!

This Apprenticeship is based on one-to-one live video sessions and written material and will allow you to customize your learning curriculum.

Sound Healing of the 21st Century.

For a new generation of Sound Healers and Sound Alchemists who are called to serve the Earth and support the Awakening of the Divine Feminine.

Do you feel attracted to the hidden power of sound?

Maybe you are a yoga teacher and you perceive this energy when you chant your mantras.

Or you are a bodyworker or energy healer and you would like to learn new tools to upgrade your profession.

Maybe you are a musician and you feel an indescribable call to embark on a new journey with your music. A desire to devote your music to a higher purpose.

You may also come from other walks of life and you are tuning in to the amazing consciousness shift we are experiencing today.

Something has led you to this website and that is for a reason!

There are many ways you can harness the beneficial effects of sound. In this SOUND HEALING ONLINE PROGRAMME, I will share with you the essential knowledge you need to use the healing energy of sound mindfully and gracefully.

… I have already followed teachers and attended courses in this field, but for the first time, the message has landed inside of me. Thank you for doing this with such a devotion and for the awareness that you really emanate… 
Nadeshwari (Kerala)

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Hi, my name is Simone Vitale.

I am a Sound Healing Practitioner and Teacher with a background as a Musician and Composer. With 30 years of experience in the field of sound and music, I have devoted my work to the healing qualities of sound and music for the last 15 years.

I am certified Sound Healer with a specialization in Tuning Forks Therapy and a certified Vocal Yoga Teacher.

My unique approach to Sound Healing aims at integrating the principles of vibrational therapies and sound-based healing modalities with a broader understanding of Sound Ecology, fostering the emergence of 21st Century Sound and Music Healers who are capable of navigating the currents that link the human being to the whole environment and planetary consciousness.

What an experience of yet unknown inner landscapes! Sometimes challenging, sometimes giggling. Simone teaches from the heart, patient and empathetic. You feel that he truly lives what he teaches. Padma (Germany)

Thank you very much!! I have the impression that I discovered a completely different perspective of the world… I feel that a whole process has just started… Josée (France)


Theory of Sound Healing

Fundamental principles of Sound Healing for aspiring Sound and Music Healers.

In this Module, you will learn basic principles of Sound Healing such as:


  • Entrainment and Resonance
  • Sound Propagation and its effects on molecular structures
  • Sound and the Nervous System
  • Music and the Brain
  • Cosmic octaves
  • Philosophy of Sound
A thorough review of the fundamentals upon which sound healing is based. These concepts may be entirely new to you or some of them may be already familiar. Either way, you will acquire a broad understanding that will connect all the dots and provide a bigger picture of how different aspects of working with sound and music are interconnected.

A body of information that will boost your competence in this field by clarifying the connection between the metaphysical aspects of sound and their practical application.

We are made to interact with the physical reality in terms of vibration and resonance. The aural universe speaks the language of our souls and sound is the key to a deeper understanding of life.

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I loved this course. 🙂

The material covered was fascinating, explaining key principles of sound healing theory in a comprehensive yet easy to understand way. The videos greatly aided in illustrating the content of the written lectures and were very well put together, bringing clarity to tricky concepts.

Overall the content is a rich balance of head knowledge (including science and history) and heart wisdom, blended together as readily absorbable teachings that can enlighten and inspire anyone wanting to harness the power of sound in a bigger way.

Thank you Simone for this beautiful offering. May it ripple out widely across the world and add to humanity’s reclaiming the lost ancient wisdom of sound. Muriel (New Zealand)

A very well thought out course with key information on sound in a healing context. Very clear and concise course with helpful visual aids and examples to explain some of the more complex aspects. As a sound & energy healer, I have been looking to learn more about the ‘technical’ side of sound healing and this is it! I highly recommend this course to those that are looking to develop their practice with sound in a healing context whether you be a musician or a healer or completely new to it all. It’s a great core module to have completed. Thank you Simone for creating this! Yee Ley (New Zealand)

The Yoga of Sound

The power of your own voice

Sound is a fundamental element of a complete Yoga practice.

From the simple and popular use of the Sacred Syllable OM (AUM or Pranava) to more articulated practices, Sound is an indispensable tool for inner transformation.

Learn how sound, together with your breath and focused intention, shapes your energetic bodies.

Your voice is the most intimate and direct expression of your true self and the balance and health of a personality are reflected in the sound of its voice. This “vocal instrument”, like any other musical instrument, needs proper care, tuning and mastery.

When the entire body is actively involved in the production of sound, the level of presence, self-confidence and clarity is highly increased. 

  • Physiology of the voice
  • A-U-M meditation
  • Bija Mantra and the Chakra System
  • Overtones and the Spine

Your voice is directly connected with who you are, shaped by who you are but also capable of shaping who you are.

You will learn techniques and exercises to achieve benefits such as:

  • Stress reduction
  • Deep relaxation
  • Increased mental stillness and clarity
  • Increased vitality
  • Extension of the vocal range
  • Increased stability of the voice with consequent improvement of expression and self-confidence
  • Expanded awareness of one’s own posture and alignment
  • Increased oxygenation of the body
A beautiful journey deep inside the body and the soul, connecting with the source of everything, the source of Creation in a deep level of meditation and consciousness. Thanks for the wisdom derived by experiencing the Absolute and for having taken out the keys for a deeper and deeper knowledge and experience of the Absolute. Thank you so much, I’ll make treasure of all those teachings. Anjana (Italy)

Depth, Richness, Harmony… with a clear direction. Slowly, step by step, you accompanied us to the origin of Sound. I am left with the feeling of being still in the wave… out of this world.
Elda (Italy)

The Healing Musician

This Module will take you on a spiritual journey.

You will dive into the deeper meaning of music and how being a musician today can be of service at this special time.

The Healing Musician is a 21-day process of attunement to the Temple of Sacred Sound. It is a commitment to dive deep into the essence of sound and music to receive guidance and inspiration.

  • Initiation into the Temple of Sacred Sound
  • Meditation Practices and Rituals
  • The Power of Intention and its importance in music making
  • Sound Ecology and Musical Activism
  • Music and Guided Journeys

Embark on a quest for the essence of music and your purpose as a healing musician!

Mindful Music Production

Everything you need to know in order to produce your Mindful and Healing music at home.

This is a stand-alone Module but it can also be the perfect continuation of the “Healing Musician”, in that you learn how to bring your healing creation into the workflow of music production.

With the level of technology available to us today, it is possible to record, mix and even release music from home within a reasonable budget.

I will guide you step by step through the process of setting up your home studio and learn how to use the equipment so that you will be ready to release your beautiful music to the world.

  • Techniques of music recording
  • Techniques of music production
  • Equipment
  • The creative process

Are you interested in the Online Apprenticeship?

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Imagine how a mindful, conscious and competent use of sound will enhance your impact and ability to support a thriving new consciousness.


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