Sound Healing Certification Programme

This Sound Healing Certification Programme is divided into two levels:

Level 1 – Foundations


Level 2 – Sound Healer

In this Level 1 – 30 hours Certification Programme, you will learn the fundamental principles of Sound Healing that will allow you to start practicing. You can implement these fundamental techniques in your current practice/teaching (bodywork, energy healing, alternative medicine, yoga and meditation, group work, etc.) or you can start building your own Sound Healing practice.

The focus of the Level 1 is on the effects of sound on the human body, mind and energy system. A thorough, in-depth section covering the theoretical principles will provide all the information you need to understand and explain why and how sound is a powerful healing modality. The practical learning will be based on the most common Sound Healing instruments and their use and on your own voice.

  • Theory of Sound Healing (Entrainment and Resonance; Sound Propagation and molecular structures; Sound and the Nervous System; Music and the Brain; Cosmic octaves and overtones; Philosophy of Sound)
  • Common instruments and how to use them
  • Basic physiology of the voice
  • Basic vocal practices for Self Sound Massage
  • Assignments for certification
The focus of the Level 2 is on deepening the practice of the material covered in Level 2 as well as broadening the understanding and the awareness of the effects of sound on the environment as a whole. This is an initiatory process into the interconnectedness of the healing journey and the global impact that you can have as a Sound Healer mastering the art of Sound Alchemy.

More details coming soon.

Currently, the Level 1 intensives are running in New Zealand and Europe.

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